BlackBriar Advisors

When a business must have measurable financial and operational-improvement results, the last thing it needs is a partial fix. But historically, mid-sized companies have been forced to work with financial and process-improvement advisors separately.

Now Greater Yield and BlackBriar Advisors have formed a strategic alliance specifically to provide mid-sized companies with a comprehensive performance-improvement resource, which positions businesses for a successful corporate turnaround. This alliance combines BlackBriar's financial leadership, business acceleration and turnaround management skills with Greater Yield's customized business management and business process improvement services.

Until now, financial and process-improvement firms have operated in isolation. The only choice for mid-sized companies was to engage financial and operational-improvement resources separately, despite the limitations of a fragmented approach.

The alliance of Greater Yield and BlackBriar Advisors provides middle-market companies with a unique one-stop, cost-effective resource for improving their own financial and operational performance, enterprise-wide. Major benefits include:

  • Hands-on executive-level thinking and services
  • Short-term improvements and business renewal
  • Customized strategic plans with long-lasting results
  • Financing and capital structuring
  • Process transformation and improvement
  • Technology enhancements and system-integration
  • Domestic and international experience
  • Measurable metrics and proven results

With experience spanning several industries and across domestic and international markets, BlackBriar works with clients to understand and clarify financial and operational challenges, develop turnaround management plans and implement solutions to improve financial performance. BlackBriar Advisors is a business renewal and acceleration firm comprised of senior financial and operational executives focused on small to mid-market companies facing challenges in their legacy business models, current financial position, or existing operational capabilities. ]