Knowledge Leaders

Justo H. Vargas
Senior Knowledge Leader

Where multicultural environments meet multifunctional business demands, Justo Vargas is a champion of enterprise-wide business solutions. He is an experienced turnaround leader and change agent skilled in leading rapid revenue and profit growth in high pressure environments.

But he's much more than that. Justo has led teams in their transformational efforts in more than 20 industries and in over 30 countries. He is known for developing and empowering people to achieve extraordinary results. And he has done so fluently in both English and Spanish.

Through his guidance and leadership, Justo's teams have worked to increase revenue by creating new products that leveraged existing distribution channels; by entering new markets with existing products; by developing new products for entirely new markets; and by acquiring and integrating new companies. His work has dramatically reduced costs and consolidated plants; opened new plants; and rationalized production capabilities around the world.

He and his teams have built infrastructures of operational excellence through the application of various tools, implementing innovative processes that increased asset utilization, achieved faster throughput and radically reduced inventories. In addition to his broad operational experience, Justo has deep financial expertise and has negotiated labor agreements and contracts ranging from traditional commodity procurement to complex and unique joint ventures. He has also implemented integrated metric systems.

Justo has earned three Professional Licenses (Attorney at Law, CPA, PE); three academic degrees (JD, MBA, BS-CE); and four certifications (CTP, CPM, CPIM, CIRM). ]

Paul Rosenblum
Senior Knowledge Leader

Companies seeking to improve operations and productivity in the oil and gas industries know that Paul Rosenblum can deliver results. Rosenblum is a professional knowledge leader and advisor with international experience in multiple industries and with a specialization in the energy sector. Rosenblum combines more than 25 years experience in the oil and gas industries with expertise in supply chain optimization; continuous improvement design and implementation; general management; and sales and marketing.

Rosenblum's process-based skills are a product of his experience and proficiency in improving productivity in a variety of cultural and geographic environments. He is able to interface with all levels of management to drive positive change through process cycle time reduction, cross- functional team formation and mentoring, development of process-based KPI, supply chain definition and optimization, total cost of ownership reduction, MTBF improvement, and rapid maintenance turnaround.

As a management consultant, Rosenblum has advised diverse clients involved in manufacturing, telecommunications, construction and industrial products with multinational operations in the U.S. and China. During his career he has held management, director and executive level positions. His geographic and language experience spans North America, Central and South America the Asia/Pacific region, and Europe.

Rosenblum has had many notable successes during his career. As Managing Director for an offshore drilling and heavy mining equipment manufacturer, he grew sales from $1M to more than $30M. For an international telecommunications products company he increased available factory capacity by 200 percent with no capital expenditures and Rosenblum reduced supplier lead times by 40 percent to raise a textile manufacturer's on-time delivery from 65 percent to 97 percent. ]

Randolph W. Robinson
Senior Knowledge Leader

When business transformation involves cross-border complexities, multi-national corporations look to Randolph "Randy" Robinson to help them face challenges required for business process improvements. During more than 35 combined years of senior level consulting and executive level management with multi-national corporations, Robinson has aided companies in diverse industries including energy, banking, healthcare, insurance, government, manufacturing, and food services.

Robinson specializes in various service and manufacturing industries to deliver cycle-time reductions resulting in substantial profit margin and revenue growth. In his career, he has led the successful implementation of a strategic plan to reduce healthcare costs by $500 million for a multi-industry coalition. As the Program Manager of a $2.2 Billion worldwide printing corporation, Robinson led a 10-person team to achieve a 50 percent reduction in manufacturing time and improve on-time delivery by 48 percent, resulting in a six point improvement in gross profit margins. Robinson has also implemented Change Management initiatives for such clients as Hilti, Hillenbrand Inc., General Motors, Gulfstream, Moore Printing, SkyChefs, GE Medical, Kemper Insurance, Forethought Insurance, Coleman and Methodist Hospital-Dallas, and Pfizer.

Robinson's extensive geographic experience encompasses North and South America, England, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland. He combines this with subject matter experience that includes security certification by the U.S. Department of Defense, certified Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, and certified Balanced Scorecard Implementer, as well as skills in financial review, manufacturing, project management, product development, sales management process, and construction.

His process-based skills include Process Value Management, Total Cycle Time, cross-functional team management, process-based metrics, lean manufacturing, Kaizan, change management, linking strategies to operations, root cause analysis and AIP control. ]

Diana Hueter
Healthcare Senior Knowledge Leader

With the healthcare industry in constant flux, Diana Hueter is an integral resource for companies seeking straightforward guidance. Hueter has extensive knowledge of the healthcare community, and experience implementing enterprise transformation solutions that achieve best-in-class operational performance, and deliver significant bottom-line results. With more than 30 years in the field, Hueter has worked in workforce health, productivity, quality of care and cost savings through compliance with evidence-based guidelines.

Hueter has served healthcare improvement initiatives with executives from Caterpillar, Dow, Ford Motor Company, Pfizer Health Solutions and Toyota Motors, among others. In addition, she facilitated a national think tank in the development of value-based healthcare processes; and produced an employer health asset management roadmap, which was designed to help organizations execute better employee health initiatives.

In addition to leading major corporations and entrepreneurial ventures, Hueter has served as President and CEO of St. Vincent Health Care System (SVHCS), a $600 million healthcare network of five hospitals and 23 primary care clinics. She led the System to an increase in market share from 10 percent to 25 percent over two-years, and twice during her tenure, St. Vincent’s was selected ‘Best Hospital in Central Arkansas’. Under her leadership, the System acquired a 311-bed HCA Healthcare Corporation hospital and three affiliated family practice clinics.

Hueter has also held high-level management positions as principal with Thomas Group consulting, senior vice president at Baylor Health Care System, and as Chairwoman of the Little Rock Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (representing Alan Greenspan to the health care economic sector). In addition to working in healthcare, Hueter has served as President and CEO of the Southwest Museum of Science and Technology. ]

Marvin T. Wilson
Senior Knowledge Leader

If Marvin Wilson’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s been a powerful force in the business consulting community for over 30 years. A senior executive with applied personal experience and knowledge in corporate business management, manufacturing, engineering, quality, logistics and information systems assignments, Wilson’s work is known for yielding superior results. He has provided operational improvement programs to increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and increase profits for clients around the globe.

Wilson has created multiple state-of-the-art innovative process and product solutions which have generated dramatic returns on investments. As vice president of a national retailer, he completed carrier evaluations and contracts to support nine structured domestic regions across the U.S, saving an estimated $2 million annually with significant enhancement in delivery service and reliability. And while managing 900 people with a $47 million budget, Wilson was able to achieve a 35.4 percent reduction in processing cost per piece, with a 45.8 percent increase in processing piece count.

For 11 years, Wilson worked at Thomas Group in various capacities, including President, Vice President and Senior Partner. He consistently managed and achieved successful Total Cycle Time® improvement program implementation assignments with Fortune 500 customers, including Thomas Group’s largest and most successful. Wilson also received the Thomas Group CEO award in 1991 for highest revenue generator for the year.

Responsible for the North Central Area P&L and Operations located in Detroit, he developed a customer base within the area and took it from zero revenue to a base of $14.2 million, with business under development exceeding $80 million. He also developed an additional $20 million in business under contract outside North Central geographic boundaries during the same period. ]

Peter Baldwin
Knowledge Leader

Peter Baldwin is an operational CFO and change management specialist primarily serving the manufacturing, distribution, construction, and professional services industries. 

As a former Big 4 management consultant, Baldwin developed competencies in business process design and controllership / bookkeeping and initially applied those skills to Fortune 500 companies.  Some of his notable clients included Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Bell Helicopter, Harvard University, Lucent Technologies, and Gaylord Entertainment.

Baldwin determined that the small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) market greatly needed operational finance expertise, but only if those services could be packaged in a way that made sense to companies with more limited budgets. To effectively reach the SMB market, he developed and refined a series of tools & techniques that fully integrate the finance function for SMBs in the areas of strategic finance (fractional CFO), controllership / bookkeeping, and business process design.

Baldwin is often referred by DFW-area banks to assist their clients and prospects who may be experiencing ownership succession, high growth, or distress.  He typically occupies the role of part-time or interim CFO in such companies.  His goal is to consistently achieve stellar results for his clients.  Notably, he ensured a successful ownership succession at a Midwest distributor by implementing financial engineering techniques that permanently increased a historical net profit margin from 5 percent to 20 percent.  He built the finance structure in an East Coast Manufacturer and engineered the company from financial break-even to a consistent yearly net profit margin of 15 percent. He was instrumental in preventing a distressed publicly traded manufacturer from closing its doors and repackaged the company for shareholders to be acquired at favorable terms.

Baldwin has worked on overseas assignments in Costa Rica and in Budapest, Hungary and is fluent in Hungarian.  He holds a degree in International Finance from Brigham Young University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Oregon. ]