Greater Yield Launches 'Decisioneering' Platform

Decisioneering process focuses on change management from leadership position

DALLAS– June 14, 2012 – Decisioneering, a platform created by Greater Yield, enables companies to handle change from the management level down through the organization. According to Greater Yield principal Debbie Womack, Decisioneering is the process of getting businesses to sustain continuous positive results, while focusing on nine critical issues. These areas include:

  • Selecting and managing the right team
  • Proper communications to the team
  • Creating and managing a changing culture
  • Initiating effective meetings
  • Delivering leadership
  • Breaking through Silos
  • Using the right tools and measuring the right things
  • Managing the regulatory environment
  • Developing executive mentoring

With change as a constant force in the business environment, Decisioneering is designed to address the complex business issues facing many companies today. Womack notes these changes usually require little if any money, just simply the knowledge of how to execute solutions in these nine critical areas. “Fundamental management initiatives are well known, but many times they are not executed in an efficient manner, ” she said. “Effectively managing these areas will result in a better managed company with higher performance while operating closer to its full potential.”

According to Jim T. Taylor, principal of Greater Yield, as companies grow, management needs to understand how to provide innovative performance and business process improvement solutions. “Decisioneering allows mid- and small-size companies the same solutions that previously have only been available to the Fortune 1000. Growing, changing and restructuring an organization requires senior managers to operate with an equal sense of urgency and focus, as well as the ability to maintain a proper balance between the customer's needs and its own.”

Decisioneering, according to Taylor, targets the highest level of management and then moves through the organization with the knowledge and solutions needed to succeed. For more information, visit