Debbie Womack Selected to Join Leadership America Class of 2012

Elite Women's Resources (WR) Networking Group Names New Team Members

DALLAS, TX – April 3, 2012 – Part of a nationwide search for outstanding female leaders from business and the private sector, Debbie K. Womack, along with 53 other women, was selected to join the Leadership America class of 2012, a prestigious program run by Women's Resources.

As CEO and founding principal of Greater Yield, Ltd., Womack joins an elite network of more than 5,000 women in Leadership America. The longest-running leadership development program in the U.S. created exclusively for women, Leadership America brings exceptional women together to broaden and enhance their recognized leadership skills.

This year, the theme for the 2012 program is Leading Into the Future …Changing the World for the Better.  The class will visit Washington D.C., San Francisco and Houston. “Each city's agenda features some of our nation's key decision-makers and future-forward thinkers who will provide our participants with cutting-edge information, which helps shape their professional and community leadership skills for years to come,” said Martha P. Farmer, founding and executive director of Leadership America.

Now celebrating its 25th consecutive year, Leadership America was launched in 1988. Patterned after its sister program, Leadership Texas, Leadership America is run by Texas-based Women’s Resources. “We consider it a privilege to assemble such a prestigious group of influential women leaders from a broad diversity of professional and personal backgrounds,” said Candace O’Keefe Mathis, CEO of Women’s Resources.

“Started by our founders to allow women leaders the ability to expand their grasp and influence on the issues surrounding our nation and the globe, Leadership America gives female leaders the tools to help shape the future of our evolving nation and the ever-changing world,” Mathis continued.

Jim T. Taylor, a principal of Greater Yield, recognizes the power women demonstrate in running business, cultural, social and government programs. “As a veteran and entrepreneur, Debbie is a leader who has demonstrated both discipline and drive as she shares her knowledge with others to empower them as individuals, while delivering enterprise-wide ROI-driven changes. Leadership America gives her the opportunity to further develop her extensive skills as she networks with other women to understand the cultural, social and economic shifts confronting the U.S. and other nations.”

Through the generous contributions of the Leadership America Program Partners, the program continues to provide the most up-to-date information on leadership and issues affecting the U.S. Corporate Program Partners providing financial support for Leadership Texas 2012 include the General Motors Foundation and State Farm.

Women's Resources:
Leadership America is a program of Women’s Resources (WR). Established in Austin, Texas, in 1974, Women's Resources seeks to advance the power of leadership and legacy through programs that connect, inspire, empower and honor women. Through its flagship program, Leadership Texas, founded in 1983, Women's Resources began its mission to build bridges and opportunities for women. WR helped in the creation of complementary women's programs in California, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, among others. WR also established the nation's first comprehensive women's history museum, the Women's Museum: an Institute for the Future, which opened in Dallas, Texas, in association with the Smithsonian Institution in 2000. Since 1996, WR has been offering a series of national retreats for emerging women leaders called Power Pipeline. In 2009, WR launched new globally focused programming under its newly acquired banner, Leadership International, the Sandy Tyler Regional Series and Leadership Short Courses for the 21st Century.

About Greater Yield:
Greater Yield provides innovative performance-improvement solutions for critical and complex business issues. A woman- and veteran-owned company, Greater Yield offers senior-level experts who work with organizations as trusted partners who empower ROI-driven changes, transfer knowledge and deliver measurable outcomes enterprise-wide.