Greater Yield has developed a customized approach to change management that we call Decisioneering. Typical change management consultants approach change in a silo, but our Decisioneering model enables you to use the latest management tools to manage organizational transformation from a multi-dimensional, enterprise-wide vantage point. In other words, from a leadership perspective.

Designed to address and resolve issues in nine critical areas, Decisioneering is a proven process for transforming complex problems into opportunities. Regardless of your industry or size, the nine areas successful change requires are:

  • Selecting and managing the right team
  • Proper communications
  • Creating and managing a changing culture
  • Initiating effective meetings
  • Demonstrating leadership
  • Breaking through silos
  • Using the right management tools and measuring the right things
  • Managing the regulatory environment
  • Developing executive mentoring

Greater Yield addresses them all. In fact, our Decisioneering approach takes business management consulting to a whole new level. We work with your company to objectively and constructively address your most complex issues, and to provide you with innovative management tools and other business process improvement solutions that deliver significant and measurable results. ]